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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recycle and Reuse our Containers!

With all the take out you have surely done this year, you have managed to acquire a share of nice containers from JNH. There are a number of other fine establishments just like your neighborhood JNH that spend a good penny on their packaging. Don't feel guilty of the footprint. Simply reuse all those containers. There are many ways to put them to good use:
  1. store ornaments
  2. use as gift packaging
  3. organize pens, markers, pencils
  4. organize child's toys in their toy area
  5. store batteries
  6. organzie nuts, bolts, screws
  7. reuse to pack picnic snacks
  8. great to separate hair accessories
  9. use in drawers to organzie nic nacs
  10. tons of ways to use in garage

What do you use yours for?

We want to know.

The world needs to know.

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