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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hospitality Business Golden Globes

I love talking to peers in the industry. After a hard week, I went into Catalan for a late lunch ... exhausted with Scotty. Feeling pooped and fiesty with work, I vented to Chris Shepherd about the business. Granted he just ended his hard lunch shift, who cares right? it's all about Jenni. Talking to Chris satisfied me for the rest of the day. This was over two weeks ago and I still have a feeling of satisfaction from that conversation. Thank you Chris for putting things in perspective for me. I learned that day that sucessful people in this industry take it to heart the very meaning of hospitality: the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. Ofcourse I am not a trained chef nor attended any hospitality program, however, I will say, some days I can pass as one: Other days, don't try me.

I just wanted to share my thoughts to the noodle fans and show credit where credit is due...this time to Chris Shepherd at Catalan (on Washington) for being such a champ in the business!

The most late lunch pow wows go to Keith at Benjy's. Keith has heard it all from me. Never leaked a syllable. True FB friend.

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