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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not a blogger

Hello noodle fans! I am not a blogger nor do I blog about things I have no control over. I think bloggers are mostly haters. I say this right off the hook because there have been bloggers that jump to comment without much thought to their thoughts on the affect it could cause. On the first day of opening Post oak on April 3, a customer visited, took pictures within the space and posted on YELP within three hours after opening as if a food critic themselves. Today, most think they are a food critic within their rights, but c'mon folks, expecting positive results the first couple of hours of a business opening is insane, even if I am a perfectionist. At least the pros, like the few here in Houston, give a restaurant a couple of weeks if not four before tearing them apart. To all the bloggers spreading hate, shame on you for not having better things to do. I challenge you to discuss without judgement and be open to the results that flow back.

Within these noodle blog pages, I want to share my thoughts and looking forward to hearing your thoughts about experiences; especially if they pertain to JNH. I will answer as I have time and will touch on all comments that are pointed out. Thank you for reading and supporting the noodle house that has become ground to spread noodle love.


Blogger Mark said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I rarely comment on blogs but this one I had to. Jenni's Noodle House rules! My girlfriend and I discovered the one on Shepherd last year. I had known about it for years but never bothered to stop in. Boy was I missing something! And for all the negative blog posters out there, stop sitting behind your computer in a virtual world blogging and go experience what real life has to offer. There's a lot out there, and not of it has to be perfect to be good and enjoyable.

Keep up the good work at JNH! We are going today for lunch :)

June 14, 2009 10:44 AM  

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